NSF & PNTM Demands the Immediate Withdrawal of AFSPA from the Naga Homeland


Poumai Naga Tsiidoumai Me (PNTM) has reiterated its commitment not to cooperate with the military and the Indian Army in any way, saying it is a violation of the Armed Forces Independence Act. 1958 War. The North Naga Students’ Union (PNTM) said atrocities and atrocities committed by the Indian Army under such violent laws in Naga land are not allowed.
To all those affected by the Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 (AFSPA), PNTM wants AFSPA removed from Naga State and says it will accept the resolution of the Naga Students Federation (NSF) and assures that they will continue . deny. Cooperate with the Indian paramilitary and armed forces and request all concerned to respect non-compliance in letter and spirit. Condemning the aggressive actions of Indian paramilitary and armed forces aimed at destroying terrorist atrocities and development schemes, PNTM insisted on continued resistance, saying it would have no impact. As young people see it, individuals, groups or communities with game plans are asked to stop collaborating with the goal of seeking public attention. He said the younger generation was loyal and unwilling to cooperate, and vowed to judge it this way.
PNTM doubts the loyalty of those who are threatened, insisting on pondering the blood of brothers who died at the cruel hands of their enemies. It emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between true enemies and friends, and encourages people not to forget the truth amid violence. He added that recent incidents like the Otin incident in Nagaland and Operation Bluebird (Oinan incident) on July 9, 1987, remain bad memories. Express gratitude and appreciation to those who are strongly opposed to being associated with Indian paramilitary forces or armed forces, even if they proselytize, PNTM respects them and considers these people as the interest and pride of the youth and accepts their sacrifices as a symbol of India. will. Abuse and injustice.

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