Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) continued enforcement in Nagaland

Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) continued enforcement in Nagaland

The Naga Students Federation (NSF) is deeply saddened by the difficulties faced by the Indian Army in forming the Indian Morong Army in the traditional Naga homeland. The move, described as a “tribute to the brave soldiers”, sparked anger and distrust among the Naga community and human rights activists.
Notably, the Hornbill Conference was abruptly abandoned in 2021 after the Indian Army killed 14 innocent Nagas in Otin, Mon State. Although the federal government identified 30 Indian soldiers as the perpetrators, no charges have been filed against them two years after the incident. This lack of justice adds to the suffering and misfortune of the people of Chinaga. To make matters worse, Nagaland continues to implement the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), which authorizes the Indian Army to condone and carry out the above-mentioned killings. The lack of accountability for criminals raises serious concerns about social justice and human rights. The scars from these experiences are still fresh and the wounds are still open.
In this context, the Naga Students Federation called the decision of the Indian Army to recruit Moron Indian Army in the traditional Naga villages as indifferent and disrespectful to the values ​​of the Naga people. Attempting to portray the social values ​​and customs of the people in this manner is incomprehensible and appears to be a misguided attempt to trample on the unresolved grievances of the Naga community. Furthermore, the Federation is surprised and unable to understand why the concerned agencies handed over the land to the Indian Army in the first place without considering its procedures and disregarding the culture and beliefs of the Naga people. The
Federation demands that the words “Indian Army Morong” published in local newspapers be changed immediately, and asks the Indian government to respect the opinions of the Naga people and resolve this issue as soon as possible. In addition, NSF urges the Indian government to meet the long-standing demands of the Naga people for the repeal of the Naga AFSPA and to immediately initiate legal proceedings against those responsible. Otin 2021’s sacrifice is seen as a great way of justice and healing.

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