NSCN-IM Leaders meets UKhrul Students

NSCN-IM meets UKhrul Students

The leader of the Naga Army (Longvibu), General Ningkhan Shimray, personal name “The revolution requires us to expand our thinking, challenge traditional concepts, and strive for change. We need to identify social classes, promote tolerance, and pursue progress.” This benefits everyone. A call to push boundaries, embrace diversity, and create solutions that meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. In change, we have to think beyond,” Shimray said while interacting with young Naga students.

The NSCN-IM leader also said, “When I was in Tihar jail, I thought about crossing the wall. I know there is freedom beyond the walls. Believing that the Naga people would be free, they continued to make sacrifices. It is this unwavering hope that inspires us with courage in the face of difficulty and encourages us to commit ourselves to the goal of our nation’s freedom. ”

When discussing the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, Himre said that the conflict between Israel and Hamas is multifaceted and involves history, politics, borders and other aspects. It is important to appreciate this agreement, which reminds us to appreciate and respect the difficult text of the past, an agreement given with the highest regard. Naga should be grateful. It was a huge success. Shimray said.

Meanwhile, the students also contacted other officials of the NSCN-IM. During their stay, the students visited key locations at Camp Hebron headquarters.

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