UKhrul Students inspired to see the services of Naga Army


Student Thanrei Vashi said: “I was inspired to see the work of the Naga Army, who truly fought for the Naga cause. I pray and hope that people also love and bless the Naga race”.

Earlier, students from Ukhrul district of Manipur visited the NSCN-IM headquarters at Hebron Camp, Nagaland as part of their training.

Forty students from Pettigrew College, Sentinel College, Sacred Heart High School and KTL Excel High School participated in the three-day trip.
Students from Manipur participated in a three-day trip at Hebron Camp in Perun district, 35 km from Dimapur. NSCN-IM leader.

According to Eastern Light Zimik, one of the organizers of the visit, the main purpose of the visit is to visit the NSCN-IM Headquarters (GHQ), discuss with the leaders, and understand the situation like Naga. Identity and Role of the Naga National Movement.

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