40 Years NSF Office Demolished on Direction of (APO) and (KVC)


Earlier, the Angami Public Organization (APO) and Kohima Village Council (KVC) on December 31 ordered the group of students to vacate the building. According to the APO and KVC, Naga Club retained the house and land. . NSF will maintain, protect and use it as offices.

“The Naga House currently located at the Naga Club in Kohima, which has been in existence for many years, is a symbol of Naga strength and tradition and has witnessed many changes in history, including the Naga Referendum on May 16, 1951. We Along the way, we faced hardships, costly sacrifices and difficult decisions. During these trying years, the Naga Students Federation launched a mission to carry on and preserve this symbol of Naga heritage, despite Although ancient, it still has the legacy of individuals such as the late Vizolie Sorhie and others who need protection at this time,” the National Science Foundation said.

According to the student body, in 1983 when the late Vizolie Sorhie was the president of NSF, he and his team were invited by the Naga Elders Association and the Naga Council of Elders to take over the Naga Club building which was taken over by the Forest Department. .

Later, NSF e Sorhie, late NSF Financial Secretary Mechimvu Ritse, NSF Working Committee member Neingulo Krome and ANCSU President Kewezu G Kenye in April 1983 went to open the lock and enter the Naga Club building. Later Neivor Kenutsa gave him Neivor Rutsa gave him a lock. car. Registration number NLT-309 to facilitate the relocation of the NSF offices to the Naga Club Building.

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