RPP called Naga, Zo people to Unite against Border Fencing & Curbing of FMR


The Rising People’s Party fears that the Indian government’s decision to end the Free Movement Rules (FMR) and erect a fence on the border with Myanmar will jeopardize “regional peace” and urges the Naga and Mizo people to take action against it. It said the decision has shocked and disturbed the people of Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur. Erasing our history and what we shared in the past. Government of  India is rubbing salt into old wounds “Instead of trying to find lasting solutions in the Northeast, Government of  India seems to be pursuing counterintuitive policies.

The party further contended that abolishing FMR in border regions will spark unrest in the Northeast, which is already suffering from the ethnic strife in Manipur, and would ultimately cause India to become more Balkanized or fragmented. Security fencing cannot erase our common past with Burma, so it’s critical that India’s leaders pay attention to us and show compassion.”

The Rising People’s Party,  called  the Naga and the Zo people to unite and stand against “powers bend on erasure of our history. Furthermore, it urged the communities and churches to pray “that our Lord may grant wisdom to our Indian leaders, and for the two communities to rise up as one in tackling an issue having ramifications for our existence as a people with shared history and identity”.

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