NSU Gujarat Condemns the brutal assault against Naga woman

NSU Gujarat Condemns the brutal assault against Naga woman

The #brutality of #India is #continued on Naga’s. The Brutal physical attack on Naga’s women in Gujrat. All the Indian administration is Silent because India always discriminated us. We Naga’s should open our eyes before it’s too late. They are killing us day by day. Naga’s are not saved in India.

The Naga Students’ Union in Gujarat condemned the recent incident of physical assault against a Naga woman from the Northeast, India at Galaxy Spa, Sindhu Bhavan Marg, Ahmedabad, Gujarat by the Galaxy Spa Owner Mohsin.

“The Naga people community has been an integral part of the diverse and culturally rich fabric of Gujarat for many years. We believe in the principles of unity in diversity and the peaceful coexistence of people from all backgrounds. Incidents like this not only tarnish the image of the state but also undermine the harmonious atmosphere we strive to maintain”, read a press note by the Naga Students’ Union.

The Union has demanded immediate action against those responsible for this heinous act, and also demanded a thorough investigation to ensure that justice is administered in accordance with the laws of the state.

“We believe in the potential for positive change, and we hope that this unfortunate incident serves as a catalyst for creating awareness and promoting understanding among Our Naga women whosoever are in relationship with locals that your bond with them is sometimes as vulnerable as this incident and your safety is a responsibility that is at stake as a Naga Women living in Gujarat. The Naga Students’ Union Gujarat appeal to all the citizens in social medias not to spread misinformation about the incident and to maintain peaceful harmony while the investigation is underway”, concluded the press note.

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