NSF urges strict implementation of ILP in Dimapur

NSF urges strict implementation of ILP in Dimapur

NSF said that ILP has been an integral part of the state’s history for the past 150 years, instrumental in regulating the flow of tourists and preventing the influx of illegal immigrants.

The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) demanded on Friday that the Inner Line Permit (ILP) be strictly enforced in Nagaland, notably in Dimapur.

In a letter to the chief secretary, NSF stated that ILP has played a significant role in the history of the state for the past 150 years, helping to control tourist traffic and prevent the entrance of illegal immigrants.
“We note the difficulties and failures in the careful implementation of the ILP during the previous six decades with great concern. Our indigenous population, as well as our distinctive identity and culture, are seriously threatened by these oversights, according to NSF president Medovi Rhi and general secretary Chumben Khuvung.

The NSF and its federating units have been actively involved in verifying ILP holders in various districts for several years. However, their consistent efforts have revealed the inadequate enforcement of the ILP in the state, leading to the alarming growth of illegal immigrants. This has become the most substantial demographic threat to the indigenous population. The NSF has observed that the implementation of the ILP regime in Dimapur, coupled with the lack of stringent enforcement of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BERF) 1873, has created a fertile ground for illegal immigrants. The presence of a substantial population with questionable identities in Dimapur is undeniable, as they lack proper identification documents. This situation poses a severe threat not only to Dimapur but also to the rest of Nagaland and the North Eastern hills. The NSF has sought immediate establishment of ILP Cells at the Dimapur Railway Station and Dimapur Airport, which are the primary entry points to Nagaland. They have also recommended the establishment of ILP monitoring cells at all entry and exit points to ensure a foolproof mechanism. The NSF has urged the government to exhibit the necessary political will to ensure the strict enforcement of the ILP system in all District Headquarters without delay. The very survival of the Naga identity and culture is at stake, which could ultimately lead to societal destruction. Given Nagaland’s limited size and population, the state is ill-equipped to handle such a formidable threat, potentially turning the indigenous people into refugees.

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