NSF condemns harassment of Nagaland University

NSF condemns harassment of Nagaland University

The Pro-Vice Chancellor (PVC) of Nagaland University’s Meriema Campus was recently “harassed and threatened by a group of individuals allegedly from Meriema village,” according to the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), which has denounced the event.

The event “jeopardizes the safety and well-being of a respected academic leader and raises questions about inclusivity within the university community,” according to the NSF, which expressed its serious worry about it.

The NSF said that the arguments over bill payments for the creation of the roads leading to the new engineering campus were the cause of the incident, which happened on October 16. The inclusion of a construction monitoring committee to certify work completion prior to payment approval is one of the standard procedures for bill release, according to the NSF.

Despite the sensitivity of the issue and the need for immediate intervention by the Vice-Chancellor, the NSF expressed regret over the lackadaisical attitude of the venture capitalists at the Nagaland University Headquarters in Rumami, adding that the response to it was “inappropriate”. “Enough was enough and it left me feeling uncomfortable.” campus community.” not listening. ”

He also questioned the timing of the commission’s visit to Rumami, which only took place after the pro-vice prime minister was threatened. It is important to address cases of discrimination and harassment quickly and effectively, the report said.
NSF has asked the Vice-Chancellor of Nagaland University to assume the responsibilities of the head of the university and engage in dialogue with the campus community. “We are confident that the commission of inquiry will work towards an amicable solution within the set deadline,” the commission said. The Association now recognizes the complexity of land ownership issues and urges state governments to play a key role in resolving these disputes (as per the Memorandum of Understanding) to prevent such issues from arising in the near future. requested.

It emphasized that this incident should not lead to division between the university and the local community, and rather encouraged peaceful coexistence and collaboration for the betterment of education and development in the region.
The NSF demanded accountability, justice, and a swift resolution to the issues faced by Nagaland University’s Meriema Campus. “The safety and well-being of students and faculty, along with the overall academic environment, should be the utmost priority for the university authorities,” it stressed. No officers should made to undergo such treatment, says Rengma Selo Zi

The Rengma Selo Zi also condemned the incident and said that the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof GT Thong “is one of the senior-most Advisors of the RSZ and is a strong proponent of work ethics and integrity at all levels and as such we fail to understand as to what morale wrong he might have committed to warrant such mistreatment.”

“In a civilized society where we live in, using threat and intimidation to resolve issues has no place and scope and the RSZ strongly objects to the use of such practice towards any officers discharging their duties diligently. Any institution or government agency has laid-down protocols that need to be strictly adhered to; so as to remain compatible and relevant to the changing demands of the times and no officer should be penalized for holding on to the etiquette which RSZ believes is made very obvious in the present case,” a press release from the RSZ stated. He called on the legal authorities to intervene as soon as possible and resolve the matter in the right manner and in the right spirit. and to ensure that no official is subjected to such treatment, “so that it does not prevent honest and competent officials from discharging their duties effectively; The development is likely to slow down the growth of Nagaland’s premier educational institutions, as it will only hinder progress in Naga society as a whole and in specific sectors. ”


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