NSCN(Niki) decides to support and defend the objectives of Naga’s.

NSCN(Niki) decides to support and defend the objectives of Naga's

According to a press release from the Ministry of Information and Publicity (MIP), NSCN (Niki) resolves to support and defend the aspirations of the Naga people, a Joint Council Meeting was held on September 12 under the direction of the collective leadership, where numerous topics relating to the Indo-Naga Political dialogue were thoroughly discussed. “The House unanimously passed the resolution to defend and stand by the Naga People’s aspirations for sovereignty and that any political settlement arrived at should be based on the inclusivity of all stake holders — Naga Political parties, Naga civil societies, and Nagas at large — and also to incorporate additional aspirations into the Indo-Naga political settlement, after consultation with the Naga people,” stated the press release.

Representatives from the following 24 regions and affairs attended the meeting, which included the Central Secretariat of the NSCN (Niki), the People’s Army of Nagaland (PAN), United Sangtam Region, Ao Region, Tisary Region, Chang Region, Yimkhiung Region, Kuki Region, Phom Region, Zeliangrong Region, Kachari Affairs, Gorkha Affairs, Nuiland United Sub-Region, Ammameth Region, Konyak Region, Lotha

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