Manipur: Naga bodies call for action against Kuki militants over the attack on a Naga local leader.


Imphal: The United Naga Council (UNC), the leading Naga organization, and the Liangmai Naga Indigenous Forum (LNIF) have denounced the slaying of a Naga leader in Manipur who was allegedly attacked by Kuki militants.Former chairman of Rianglong village and Naga leader Manu Z Hotngambou is said to have been beaten by the Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA) at Chalwa Village for defying their demands.

A Kuki insurgent organization known as the KRA is now suspended from operations by the federal government.The UNC and LNIF have urged that the offenders be prosecuted and that measures be taken by the government to stop similar instances from occurring in the future. They have also urged the KRA to put an end to its extortion schemes and coexist peacefully with the Naga.

The KRA militants allegedly stopped Hotngambou as he was driving his Bolero truck toward Imphal.

He declined to pay the amount of money they demanded. After that, the extremists beat him, leaving him wounded and unconscious, according to UNC.

Later, as Hotngambou headed for Imphal from Kangpokpi, another squad of KRA militants stopped him. He allegedly bargained with them to pay Rs 2,000 when they sought money from him once more.

Concerned about the situation, the UNC and LNIF have demanded a halt to the alleged extortion practices of the KRA.

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