NSCN (R) urged Release of two people abducted in TLC districts


The release of the two people abducted in TLC districts is urged by NSCN (R).
The two people who were kidnapped in Arunachal Pradesh, Katwang Wangham (Angh) and Gangtei Cangsa, are to be released unconditionally and without any damage, according to the NSCN (R).The NSCN (R), P Tikhak’s Ato Kilonser issued a press release describing the “sudden spike of extortion and kidnapping in the Tirap, Changlang, and Longding (TCL) districts of Arunachal Pradesh” as alarming. He claimed that for many years, people in the three areas have suffered greatly, and it is unclear when the harassment, intimidation, kidnapping, and murders will stop.

“We started our glorious journey with the flag of ‘Nagaland for Christ’ but today we witness a lot of looting and theft and less for ‘Christ and His teachings’,” said NSCN (R) : “We have been divided; a political agenda has emerged. In order to solve the problem, the people of Chinaga need to come back to unanimity. No solution, big or small, can be found through division.”

Arunachal over the years He said The Naga people in the three districts of the state are suffering from continued oppression by Naga parties. “Those who have suffered death and destruction, pain and suffering, torture, intimidation and killing in the name of Naga politics. In other words, for the three regions where the word Naga means pain, poverty and Synonymous with suffering,” he adds. .

He also said that the kidnapping of the two men “is a crime against humanity and by doing this to your people you will not be able to achieve what you think you are doing.” “The days of kidnapping and murder for revenge are over. We Are simple and humble people. The question of doing anything against any group or individual does not arise. Fortunately, if there is, there are many ways to resolve it peacefully and without involving crime,” said Ato Kilonse. “We know the problem of the Naga people in Myanmar, but the situation with TCL is no different. What you are doing is like burning down houses to do coal business. You are only hurting your people and yourself,” he added. Ato Kilonser prayed that the two men would be released from any wrongdoing and not cause any harm in the first place.

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