NPCC condemns poor management of development funds


The Prosecution Division of Nagaland State Congress Committee (PGD-NPCC) today raised allegations of mismanagement of development funds, specifically the 30th Alontaki Assembly elections, and sought verification and verification of the amount spent.

Poor financial management of road repair and construction of Longchem-Saring Road Bridge in Mokokchung, work order was awarded to M/s Win Enterprise on 22nd December with a tender amount of 1, 45,66,329.
PGD-NPCC quoting an RTI report said that 30% of the amount i.e. Rs 43 cr or Rs 69,898 has been withdrawn but no action has been taken so far.

The roads were “dark and unstable” and there had been a fatality in 2022 when a patient died en route to hospital due to poor road conditions, he said.

He added that on November 1, a stakeholder at Longchem provided his JCB and Rs 20,000 for the construction of another unauthorized site.

We therefore urge the contractor to repair the road as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the PGD-NPCC also informed that the SPDDB has approved an allocation of Rs 25 lakh for the purchase of two ambulances for 30 Longtaki AC under the LADP (COVID-19) Scheme 2020-2021.

“The RTI report shows how the project/work was completed when there was no new ambulance and only one jeep was being used as an ambulance,” he said.

PGD, NPCC therefore requested the officials concerned to protect the health of citizens and take immediate action.

The above RTI report shows that the construction of “Multipurpose Hall Phase I” is supported by LADP’s 30 AC landmark scheme for 2019-2020, with a cost of Rs. 50 lakh approved by SPDDB. In addition to houses, “Multipurpose Hall Phase I” The construction of “Phase” has been “completed”. It hasn’t come yet until today.

In response, he wanted to know where the funds from the first phase were spent and asked all concerned and civil society organizations to stop such fraud.

PGD-NPCC Meanwhile, construction of a Government Higher Secondary School at Lakhuni under Alongtaki AC has become difficult to do at a cost of Rs 1 crore in two phases – Rs 50 lakh sanctioned by SPDDB in 2019-2020 and another Rs 50 lakh – 2020 , 2021. Approved by DPDB and supported by LADP’s signature program.

He maintained that “the verification committee members had issued the final certificate when the RTI report revealed that problems arose in the school building” while the school building was still under construction.

There are no suitable classrooms and due to stunting, students cannot attend classes during the rainy season as most of the classrooms do not have roofs.

The PGD-NPCC therefore issued a warning to the Accreditation Council regarding the validity of the final certificate issued while the process was ongoing and requested the authorities to prepare the project and complete the work as soon as possible.

The Commission was also asked to stop issuing final certificates unless verified and investigated.

PGD-NPCC has also requested that designated members of the Alongtaki AC management/authorization team provide justification for possible development expenditures.

Nagaland Higher Education Minister Visitor, Temjen Imna Been representing 30 Alongtaki AC in the State Assembly.

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