Nagaland Special Assembly session on Municipal Bill on Nov 9

Nagaland Special Assembly session on Municipal Bill on Nov 9

Before the third session (emergency session) of the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly on November 9, the government should also hold a meeting to discuss the Nagaland Municipalities Bill, 2023 before submitting it to Parliament. .

TR Zeliang briefed the media two hours after a closed-door meeting of the NLA special committee to review the Nagaland Municipal Bill, 2023 was held at Chümoukedima police station, the committee and Deputy Chief Minister TR Zeliang said the committee would hold another discussion. Meetings are held with civil society and national organizations to finalize the ideas and resolutions that will be presented at the meeting.He said the committee would investigate the matter quickly and decide to submit a report to Congress. He said this would help in amending the Nagaland Municipalities Act (NMA) 2023 and getting approval from the Assembly to arrange for the municipal council elections.
Zeliang told the consultation meeting that the committee would clarify the situation with the state government in order to make a decision.

He also emphasized the Commission’s commitment to continue the 33% reservation for women in ULB. Zeliang feels that although the matter is still in the hands of the Supreme Court, delaying it will affect the public interest. Therefore, he said the government decided to continue reservation for women.

He added that all these changes would be explained to chiefs and civil society organizations at the meeting.
Furthermore, Zeliang explained that one of the main objectives of the Election Commission was to ensure that the Women’s Reservation Act did not violate Article 371(A) and the Commission decided to go ahead with the elections. Women’s area.

He said Nagas now know the importance (of ULB elections). “If we understand each other, I don’t see any problem,” he said.
Zeliang said this was one of the reasons for holding the press conference, expressing hope that “things will get better.”

Energy and Parliamentary Minister KG Kenye also attended the selection committee meeting; Rural Development and SIRD Minister Metsubo Jamir; Urban Development and Urban Affairs Advisor Zhaleo Rio, Agriculture Advisor Mhathung Yanthan and Secretary-General J Alam among other officials.

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