No solution to Naga issue without separate flag, Constitution: NSCN-IM Chairman


Kohima, May 31 (IANS): NSCN-IM Chairman Eno Q. Tuccu on Tuesday addressed concerning how could Naga policy centered issues be settled without a different banner and Constitution.

Tending to the ‘Crisis National Assembly’ of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah), the predominant Naga bunch, he said: “How might we relinquish the Naga public banner and Naga Constitution for the sake of Naga political arrangement? What has a place with us… that characterizes our political personality can never be compromised for the sweet piece for the sake of Naga political settlement. We can’t be made a fool before the world by gently surrendering to tension or enticement.”

Focus’ then conversationalist and afterward Nagaland Governor, R.N. Ravi had, on various events, dismissed these requests.

Noticing that on August 3, 2015, the memorable ‘Structure Agreement’ was endorsed with profound political understanding thinking about the Naga nation’s sovereign privileges and nobility, Tuccu said: “Sadly, there are powers working who are attempting to sabotage the political meaning of Framework Agreement by giving unfair translations with dazing remarks to suit their narrow minded plan in conspiracy with the Government of India… malignantly proliferated by barely any political pioneers that the Naga banner and constitution, including combination (of the Naga-overwhelmed regions) are not referenced in Framework Agreement.

“The harsh incongruity is that each endeavor is being made to befuddle the Naga nation on the political meaning of the Framework Agreement where the fate of Naga political excursion is spread out.”

“We have gone over the stand of the Government of India on the center issues of Naga public banner, Constitution and reconciliation and reverberated by some Naga chiefs,” he said in his emphatic discourse.

He said that many thousands have given their lives for the Nagas’ opportunity and the obligation is stored upon the shoulder of the NSCN to satisfy their requests and dreams for the fair Naga political settlement with the Naga banner taking off.

“We need to show what us can do before God and before the Naga public and the entire world that we, the NSCN individuals, the forefront light conveyors of the Naga political development, will stand the ground till the sole survivor with regards to our’s undeniable freedoms,” he expressed.

The NSCN-IM, in a different explanation, said on Tuesday said that the Emergency National Assembly was held in the midst of tense minutes and unconstrained upsurge of feeling as the issue of the Naga nation’s political battle of seventy years is up in the air with the continuous political discourse in gridlock on the center issue of banner and constitution.

Subsequent to consenting to a formal truce arrangement with NSCN-IM in 1997, the Central government has held in excess of 85 rounds of talks with the NSCN-IM and other Naga gatherings. Be that as it may, the NSCN-IM’s rehashed emphasis on a different Naga banner and Constitution have turned into a major obstacle in the approach to settling the Naga issue.

In the publication of its most recent news notice ‘Nagalim Voice’, the outfit said it is unimaginable for NSCN-IM to acknowledge the Naga public banner as a social image as implied by the Center.

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