Assam Rifles Harassed Naga Students, GNF condemned this alleged act & demanded justice


The Global Naga Forum has condemned the allegation that a Naga theology student was arrested without probable cause by Assam Rifles personnel at Waqa in Lundin district of Arunachal Pradesh.

According to the GNF, the student was arrested in the town of Wakka at around 7 a.m. he was returning home for Christmas, even though his student ID was valid. The student was allegedly sent for ongoing and inconclusive questioning until the evening of.

The GNF said the student was participating in a paid group and would be brought home with a rice bowl, a tool used to help girls aged six and seven in the village choose rice fields. Working long hours or being absent or absent from other social activities.

To free the girls from this problem, a group of women in the village decided to buy Mii rice to help everyone in the village,” he added.

GNF said: β€œThe Assam Rifles finally decided that the innocent theology student they tortured should not return home. They sent the student back to Dimapur instead of going to his home where he was with family and friends Have a merry Christmas together.”

In stating this, the GNF calls for a swift and thorough investigation into this incident so that those involved receive justice. Nagas, say

The GNF also said this is the latest in a series of cases of torture and ill-treatment of innocent Nagas by the Assam Rifles over decades, dating back to the Armed Forces Independence Act, 1958 people; and there will be a sense of fear, panic, rather than a real rejection of the Naga people,” he said.

In this context, the GNF urges government authorities to prioritize the return of students and rice mills.

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