Vice Chairman and Acting Chairman are appointed by the NSCN-YA Konyak Region


Tikling Konyak and Tolong Konyak have been named the acting chairman and vice chairman of the Konyak Region, respectively, by the NSCN-Yung Aung Group.According to a press release from Col. Retd. Joseph, Deputy Kilonser, Ministry of Information and Publicity, NSCN-YA, the nominations were made during an emergency meeting at its headquarters on October 23, 2023. . With effect from October 23rd, Tikling Konyak and Tolong Konyak shall act as the temporary authorities of the Konyak Region for a duration of six (6) months. Additionally, NSCN-YA expressed the hope that the Region will continue to advance in the days to come with fresh strength, courage, and commitment under the newly chosen leadership.

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