Two Naga females legislators laud the Bill ULB.

Two Naga females legislators laud the Bill ULB.

Two Naga females legislators laud the Bill ULB. Today is a momentous day for our people in Nagaland. It portraits that Naga’s are more compatible to regulate their self efficiently.When the Nagaland Municipalities Bill 2023 was passed, two women legislators from Nagaland lauded the passage of the bill, which includes reservation of 33 per cent seats for women in municipal councils. “Today is a very important day for us, the people of Nagaland. This amazing achievement is a big step towards achieving gender equality and empowerment in our city,” Salhoutunuo, Minister of Women Resource Development and Horticulture Kruse said. Cruz said that the passage of the Nagaland Municipal Bill 2023 is a sign of the stability of the country, the participation of women in decision-making, and finding representation in local administration. While we wait, we have a chance to win because of the strength and encouragement of various women’s organizations, activists, and especially the support of men working for gender equality. Women and the Rise of Government Leadership, X. Hekani Jakhalu, Advisor to the Nagaland Government on Industry and Commerce, said in a press release that Cruise hopes the bill will “empower women.” We see women’s scale, women’s development, women’s decision-making, women’s participation. Heroine. How lucky we are with the time reserved for women under the Nagaland Municipalities Bill 2023, which was passed unanimously. and work together

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