TS Keyho rejects ‘election’, backs Thinoselie Keyho


NNC vice president TS Keyho expressed shock to learn that he was implicated and reportedly elected as president of NNC in place of ‘gen.’ (Retd) Thinoselie M. Keyho during a meeting held at K.Basa village .

While rejecting his election, done without his consetnt, TS Keyho said: “I never acknowledge, endorse nor accept the decisions of the said meeting which I later found was unconstitutional. The report was aimed to tarnish my image, reputation and integrity which I condemn,” he stated.

In this regard, TS Keyho declared that he was not a member of conspirators of that unconstitutional meeting. “My loyalty to the nation must not be questioned by anybody. I shall continue to serve our nation with the president of the NNC, gen (Retd) Thinoselie M. Keyho,” he asserted. He also requested the government to consider his case and revoke the September 27 expulsion Ahza in view of the false reports.

Meanwhile, NNC president ‘gen.’ (retd) Thinoselie M Keyho revoked the expulsion of TS Keyho and said he would continue as NNC vice president till the expiry of the present tenure of the office.
In another statement, FGN killo kilonser Zaleo asserted that NNC was the only Naga political institution and FGN the legal national government. Therefore, he said the Naga history must not be distorted, controlled nor guided by misinterpreting the Yehzabo intentionally or ignorantly.

While highlighting the laid down rules under the Yehzabo, Zaleo said there was no provision in the Yehzabo for a speaker to accept, reject or control the resignation because the power and authority lies with the kedallo in such a circumstance.

He said that whoever had committed treason against the nation were expelled from NNC and FGN on September 27 during the emergency tatar hoho called by the acting kedahge. The expelled persons will cease to hold any office or authority under NNC and FGN as a national worker, he added.

Further, Sangtam Region kilonser T. Thonger said that the region has expelled those members who were part of the meeting at K. Basa village. The region also declared that it will continue to serve and support the leadership of NNC president ‘gen.’ (Retd) Thinoselie and FGN acting kedahge Namrikiu, and also resolved to stand by August 14, 1947 Naga independence declaration and May 16, 1951 plebiscite for the sovereignty.

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