The Battle of Thuda (August 1960)

The Battle of Thuda (August 1960)
This battle was one of the heaviest gun battle fought in Naga-Land, commanded by Gen. Zuheto Swu, Naga Army. The Thuda Indian Army post was razed down to ashes and the Indian Army personnels were without water and food for four days. All the ration and ammunition were air dropped by the Indian Dakota Indian Air Force. The Dakota Plane bearing No. H.J233 with 9 Air Crew was shot down by the Naga Army that crash landed in Zathsii(a paddy field in Melurie) at 1400 hrs, on 26 August 1960.
7 Captured PoWs were released immediately as good gesture and the 2 pilots(PoWs) were released later but unharmed to the Burmese government (now Myanmar) through the International Red Cross Society.
Pic’s Courtesy: Gavin Young, London Observer.

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