NSCN-IM claimed that the center betrayed the Naga people

NSCN-IM claimed that the center betrayed the Naga people

NSCN-IM, one of the participants in the Naga peace talks, reiterated its demand for the Naga flag and constitution.

The Government of India (GoI) has withdrawn from the framework agreement signed by the party in 2015, the NSCN-IM said in a statement.

NSCN-IM also stated that members of the Indian government had previously raised concerns about the Naga flag and its constitution.

However, he later retracted his decision to release, NSCN-IM said.

“Despite what the Government of India claims, it is not true as the flag and constitution are the most important parts of governance. The law without the flag is illegal and there seems to be no property,” NSCN-IM said.

It also said: “The Anagas have lived on their own land for thousands of years under our constitution.”

“The Framework Agreement reaffirms the unique history and role of the Naga people,” NSCN-IM said. It explains the concepts of collective governance and coexistence. ”

“We do not consider the Indians to be enemies of peaceful coexistence. Interestingly, the framework agreement stipulates that “there are two institutions sharing jurisdiction”. Significance – As Prime Minister Narendra said, Indians and Nagas will live together as two equal entities with mutual respect for rights. Thanks. The framework agreement deals with Naga autonomy and its future as well as India’s security and trade. This ancient agreement is seen by many peacemakers around the world as a way to achieve lasting peace in India,” NSCN-IM said.
“Unfortunately, due to the lack of integrity of the Indian government. This has led to distrust and anger. Many friends and critics say the Indian government is dragging its feet and undermining its hard work. But this will be very expensive. The ball is in the court of the Indian government,” he added.

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