Kuki chiefs caught forging Naga counterparts signatures

Kuki chiefs caught forging Naga counterparts signatures

Kuki chiefs caught forging Naga counterparts’ signatures!

Totally disgusted by the depths these individuals have sunk

Kuki chiefs were caught forging Naga signatures in Manipur to support their push for a separate administration. 29 Naga Chiefs stand firm, rejecting ‘Kuki hills’ and condemning efforts to undermine Naga land rights. They argue Kukis, seen as immigrants, lack inherent ownership rights in Naga territories. Mere possession of land papers doesn’t entitle them to claim ownership.

The entire demand of separate administration by #Kuki leaders is a facade. This drama suffered a humiliating setback after Kuki village chiefs were caught “forging” signatures of 29 #Naga village chiefs. These #Kuki leaders can stoop to any low to achieve their selfish motive

At the End of the day, even though we have differences among each other. We have enemies everywhere so it’s better to bring our voices together and stand together as ONE before its too late.

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