Nagaland’s NSCN demands for a thorough probe and disputes claims that New Market GB was abducted

Nagaland's NSCN demands for a thorough probe and disputes claims that New Market GB was abducted

In reaction to a news report  “2 arrested for kidnapping New Market GB,” the Ministry of Information and Publicity of the People’s Republic of Nagalim troubles this rejoinder to set the file straight.

Contrary to the initial file, the incident in query has no reference to the kidnapping of the New Market GB by way of the NSCN (National Socialist Council of Nagalim). Rather, it entails a case of deception and fraud perpetrated by using Abdul Kayum Talukdar, a resident of Khatkhati, Assam.

The occasions opened up in Khatkhati, Assam, in which a group of Nagas had collectively received a massive plot of land, spanning approximately 100 bighas. In line with common exercise, that they had entrusted the obligation of land management to some Muslim caretakers. In the first week of September 2023, the Naga landowners, observed by using Abdul Kayum Talukdar, visited the web page to inform the Muslim tenants that they intended to promote the land and, consequently, asked them to vacate the premises.

Several weeks later, the Naga landowners, followed with the aid of searching for what you offer, returned to the assets to take measurements. To their surprise, the Muslim tenants reacted with excessive agitation, brandishing lethal weapons, and insisting that Abdul Kayum Talukdar had bought the land to them. Some even threatened Abdul over the phone, warning him in opposition to allowing the land’s sale. It is vital to be aware that the unique land files (patta) have been inside the ownership of the Naga organization.

In an try and solve the matter peacefully, the Naga landowners sought to engage with Abdul Kayum Talukdar. Regrettably, he time and again avoided their calls and refused to satisfy with them. Faced with dwindling alternatives, Naga Army personnel were tasked with the obligation of bringing Abdul Kayum Talukdar to Hebron for negotiations. Importantly, at some stage in this method, Abdul Kayum Talukdar was not blindfolded, nor were his palms sure.

During their adventure, an encounter with the IRB (Indian Reserve Battalion) presented Abdul Kayum with an opportunity to allege kidnapping. It is imperative to emphasize that Abdul Kayum’s movements have unveiled his records as a serial fraudster, with severa Nagas falling victim to his deceptive schemes. Furthermore, this incident has raised worries approximately the method by way of which Abdul Kayum Talukdar, a bona fide resident of Khatkhati, Assam, became appointed because the GB (Gaon Burah) of New Market, Dimapur.

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