Nagaland CM address that GOI must resolve political issues first.

Nagaland CM address that GOI must resolve political issues first.

Neiphiu Rio

Nagaland chief minister Neiphiu Rio  reaffirmed the opposition-less government’s resolve to work towards solution to the decades old Naga political issue. Rio said this during the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) first general body meeting 2023, held at State Banquet Hall, Chief Minister’s residential complex.Rio, who has been the longest serving chief minister of the state for fifth consecutive term, who also led the NDPP to its electoral wins in 2018 and 2023 along with BJP as an alliance partner, said that coming together of the legislators to form an opposition less government was to press for an early solution to the Naga issue.

“We came together not only because of the leadership but also for the Naga issue. We will continue to work towards finding an early solution,” said Rio. He said the opposition-less government has maintained transparency and accountability at all levels.

Rio thanked the citizens of Nagaland and the electorates for the confidence reposed on the party.“NDPP is just about 6 years old, but we had won two times general elections with our alliance and seat-sharing. I am grateful to our alliance partner BJP for coming to work together. We are happy that till today they have given the recognition. Nagaland is a problematic state, we need central support because we don’t have our own resources. But even if we have alliance with the central, our focus “Naga” comes firsts and that is how Naga people continue to support us,” Rio said.

He highlighted that in the last two general elections, the percentage poll that NDPP pulled was huge because the elected members, the party officials from president to the central office bearers, the region officers and the team units (the village units) and to the polling booths the party could communicate with the masses and they won their confidence.

“Last time when we said, ‘Change is coming’, many people made joke out of it, but God was with us and that is how it had moved the people and we won,” he said. Rio said “This time our slogan was ‘Towards a state of excellence’, anything we achieve, any candidate party ticket holder won, it is the commitment and dedications of the party workers,” he highlighted.

Appreciating and congratulating the party workers for the collective success, Rio hoped that they would uphold the principles and ideology of the party. ILP issue: Rio said that implementing Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Dimapur had been a confusion. Describing Dimapur as a miniature India, he said all Indian citizens and non-Indians resident in Dimapur. However, the chief minister said “we should be first worried about illegal immigrants and mobilize who should be in what status and if we want all the non-Nagas to be chased out, and if we do so, we should question ourselves if we are ready to do manual works, constructions and others.”

He also assured that ILP regulation would be done but will be done systematically.

Rio stated that Indian citizens in Nagaland, who came before the cut off year, 1963, would get permanent residence. After that, who comes and doing business, investment they will get temporary residence, those in private sector or investment, they will get a long stay ID card where they can go and come anytime with their Id card of their job or investment. And even for workforce also, it’ll be through a contractor, a builder or through a local guardian and if there are any mistake, the guardian will be responsible.

He said that police and administration were working hard to resolve the issue. Rio said a committee has been set up and was going through and we should not be alarmed because they are doing what is practical.

RIIN: Stressing on the need to immediately implement Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN), Rio said RIIN was introduced in order keep check on issuance of false indigenous certificates particularly for the purpose of competitive exams like NPSC exams including private sector.

He said the village council is the authority to certify that he/she is the native of that village and village council and district committee forward for certain to be given the indigenous certificate.

He said that the authority lies with village council and the nearest administration officer would verify and forward the paper to DC and DC would issue the certificate. Therefore, he said the village council should be aware of who they were giving the certificate to.

All Nagas are indigenous, but they would have their indigenous certificate provided the village gives the verification. He said one cannot issue indigenous to people from outside the state. Rio maintained that he was not against any community but there were claims that some non-Nagas were having indigenous certificates, which he said was wrong.

ULB: The chief minister said that the state government after consultation with all tribal hohos and CSOs had come to conclusion that the state should stand by the central Act and as directed by Supreme Court vis-à-vis elections to the Urban Local Bodies.

However, since consultation was required, he said it was thoroughly discussed and referred to the Select Committee of the Assembly. Rio said that the government has already laid the Nagaland Municipal Bill and 33% reservation for women was already inserted and all taxes were omitted.

He said the moment the bill is passed, as it is already laid, there will be election and “we will have many more women leaders in the society.”

In his presidential address, NDPP president Chingwang Konyak also said that the “Indo-Naga” issue must be resolved through a negotiated political settlement. he said that a solution that was honourable, acceptable and sustainable must be reached as early as possible.

NDPP president assured that the party would not be mute spectator, but be proactive and do everything possible to strengthen the ongoing peace process and play the role of active facilitator to bring any solution.

Stating that all 60 members were the people representatives, he said today innocent people were suffering with so many factions, adding that it was time for political parties to come together and discuss how to solve the Naga political issue.

On the occasion, party chief also stressed the need for party workers to have commitment and contribute to the party. “You have voluntary accepted the membership of the party when you joined and give your best,” he said.

At the meeting, the NDPP secretary general Abu Metha gave secretary general report.

Leaders from different parties, who attended the meeting and extended greetings, included NPP, NCP, NPF, Independents, LJP, RPI and JDU.

Earlier, Dr. John Murry delivered welcome address, Ahovi Zhimomi offered the invocation, Nagaland Folkloric group gave traditional performance and a short tribute video clip was played in remembrance of the departed leaders. After the programme, there was release of documentary films and screening of Episode-1: “The people’s voice”.

*NDPP adopts 9-pt resolution*

*NDPP during its first general body meeting (GBM) adopted a nine-point resolution:*

The house expressed its gratitude to the people of Nagaland for reposing their faith on the NDPP and its leadership by re-electing NDPP led Peoples Democratic Alliance (PDA) under the dynamic leaderships of the chief minister Neiphiu Rio and party president, Chingwang Konyak. The house further thanked the Prime Minister, Union Home Ministers and BJP national president, J.P. Nadda for their concerted efforts in supporting and campaigning in the State during the course of the general elections of 2023, which in turn resulted in PDA being successful for the second consecutive term.

The house congratulated the chief minister for having successfully returned as the chief minister for a record fifth consecutive term. The house also congratulated the chief minister and the party leadership for their foresight in giving tickets to two women candidates thus enabling Salhoutuonuo Kruse and Hekani Jakhalu in becoming the first women representatives to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) in the history of the State. The house also conveyed its appreciation to the members of the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) for having tabled the Nagaland Urban Local Bodies (ULB) Bill 2023 which has been referred to the select committee with the inclusion of 33% reservation for women.

The house also put on record its appreciation to all the political parties for coming forward in support of the leadership of the chief minister, thus enabling to put in place an opposition less government with the sole purpose of expediting the resolution of the protracted Indo-Naga political issue.

“Their magnanimity in putting aside party differences in the greater interest of the people speaks volumes of their conviction and commitment towards helping bring about a final settlement of the Indo-Naga issue,” the resolution read.

The house congratulated the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and the Government of India for successfully presiding over the G20 and for the recently concluded G20 summit in Delhi.

“This shows the vast progress India has made globally and the recognition and respect the advanced nations now have for India. Nagaland too participated in India’s G20 Presidency by successfully hosting one of the B20 summits from the 4th-6th of April 2023 in Nagaland and the house congratulates the people of the State, as this success was because of the contributions of each and everyone,” the resolution stated.

The house further congratulated Prime Minister and the Government of India for the successful landing of “Chandrayan-III” on the Moon.

“This is indeed a historic red letter achievement for India as we are considered to be amongst the first in the field of Astronomy. This demonstrates how India as a nation is fast catching up with the advanced nations of the west.”

The recently concluded 2nd session of the 14th NLA has witnessed the adoption of resolutions on many important issues that are crucial for the people of Nagaland and the house welcomes and appreciates the members of the 14th NLA for the decisions taken on the controversial Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and the Forest Conservation Act (FCA). “These Acts have elements that could be detrimental to the future of Nagaland and the maturity and the wisdom of the members of the NLA goes on to prove their commitment in upholding the trust, faith and confidence that the people of Nagaland have reposed on them,” the resolution read.

The house reiterated its support for early resolution of the Indo-Naga political issue that is honourable and acceptable to the people. The house once again appealed to all the negotiating parties in the Indo-Naga political talks, especially the Government of India, to urgently expedite the process of bringing about a final settlement to the vexed Indo-Naga political issue that is honourable, inclusive and acceptable to all sections and stakeholders.

The house further appealed to the people of Manipur and the Governments of India and Manipur to bring an end to the ongoing imbroglio and put a stop to the violence that has gripped the entire State for the last four months and bring about normalcy and peace at the earliest.

The house resolved “to work tirelessly in achieving our slogan in taking Nagaland ‘Towards a state of excellence’ and further appeal to the people of Nagaland for their continued support towards achieving this goal.” The resolution stated that the “NDPP stand steadfast in our promises and commitments of our party manifesto and will strive towards building a brighter, vibrant and richer Nagaland.”The resolution was signed by resolution committee convenor Sharingain Longkumer, members– Salhoutuonuo Kruse, Keoshu Yimchunger and member secretary Merentoshi R. Jamir.

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