‘Is there a political will to resolve the Naga issue?’

‘Is there a political will to resolve the Naga issue?’

Naga Rising expressed concern over the lack of progress and clarity in the ongoing Naga peace process and called for renewed political unrest on the transition path to resolve the issues they face and work towards peace. Immediate response at the request of the Nagas. “The Naga people today do not know where the peace movement will go, but it has reached its peak, which is the so-called flag and legal issue,” said
and Naga Rising (TNR) in a press release. On Tuesday, I said that even 26 years after they entered peace and negotiations, there was still no sign of a solution.

said the lack of clarity on the peace process has long aroused public suspicion. “Besides this, there is a lack of firm political will to solve the current problems,” he said.

“While some may argue that political negotiations are difficult and require patience, perhaps now is the time to ask tough questions about the Naga peace process and demand answers,” TNR continued.

He went on to say that it was known that after taking office Prime Minister Narendra Modi “had a dialogue” with interlocutors who reported directly to the Prime Minister’s Office and that the 2015 Framework Agreement was Modi’s greatest achievement. government. However, he asked, “But is there the political will to resolve the Naga issue?”

In contrast to the Congress-led UPA government, Naga leaders were said to have met face-to-face with the then Prime Minister and Union Ministers. A federal cabinet prime minister and a group of ministers are appointed to be responsible for the negotiations.

“Today, however, the Naga Political Party (NPG) does not have access to the Prime Minister or the Home Minister,” he lamented.

TNR also said that no one is needed anymore to manage Naga peace. “The discussions (though said to have ended in October 2019) also came down to the retirement post of Advisor (North), Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA),” he said.

It was said that the negotiating parties, the Government of India and the NSCN (IM), seemed to be unconvinced about the status quo. Feel satisfied and don’t want to think about giving and taking steps.

“It is time to discuss whether the ceasefire makes sense, after year after year without progress and completion of peace negotiations,” TNE said, asking whether extending the ceasefire indefinitely would help find a solution. .

It also said that the Government of India – National Security Council (IM) decided to extend the long-term ceasefire of 2007 and “peace talks are expected to take place between the two parties to reach an agreement.

To reassure the Naga people, TNR said in a public statement The statement said the current status of the peace process did not meet the expectations of voters. It is the responsibility of the Indian and national governments to inform the public about the current progress of the peace process, the major unresolved issues and how they intend to resolve them.

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