NSCN-KYA Boycott India Republic Day


NSCN-KYA calls for “boycott and general strike” on Indian Republic Day on January 26.

“NSCN/GPRN are fully alive in our stand and responsibilities. The struggle for restoration of our sovereignty to the Nagas people is our legitimate resistance and their endurance, suffering, sacrifices and hope for freedom will never be in vain,”

He added: “Like every year, we invite all our loved ones, hopefully with your families, to support our call for imitation by leaving the festive season.”

“It is appropriate to stay indoors and light candles in honor of our nation’s heroes,” it reads.

The two organizations have called for the cancellation of Republic Day celebrations in Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.

Republic Day celebrations “are a celebration of all military forces in the most heavily armed region of the world, creating fear among citizens and revolutionaries”, the organization said.

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