Rising People’s Party demands revocation of Abdul Kayum Talukdar


The Rising People’s Party (RPP) has raised a fervent demand for the immediate revocation of the appointment of Abdul Kayum Talukdar as the Gaon Burah (GB) of New Market, Dimapur.

Talukdar’s appointment as GB has sparked outrage within Nagaland, with many questioning the legality and implications of appointing a non-indigenous individual with doubtful ancestry to such a pivotal position. The RPP has been vocal in its opposition to this appointment, sending a clear message that there should be no ‘miya’ (referring to non-indigenous individuals) GB in the state.

In a statement, the RPP highlighted the critical issue of illegal immigration of individuals from across the border into Nagaland, posing a significant threat to Naga identity. The appointment of Talukdar as a GB, who possesses the authority to issue Residential Proof Certificates (RPC), raises concerns about the potential issuance of RPCs to those of questionable ancestry.

The RPP has urged the Dimapur district administration to conduct a thorough review of all RPCs issued by Talukdar during his tenure and declare them null and void. Furthermore, they’ve called for the immediate cancellation of any subsequent documents, such as birth certificates, driving licenses, and trade licenses issued to individuals who may have obtained RPCs through questionable means.

The question of who directed Talukdar’s appointment looms large, prompting calls for transparency and accountability from the Commissioner of Nagaland. Additionally, the various GB associations, as custodians of Naga customary laws and traditions, are urged to revoke Talukdar’s membership and collaborate with the state government to annul his appointment.

The RPP emphasizes that both Nagas and Karbis share a common enemy in the form of an insidious policy by the Assam government, which encourages the settlement of Illegal Border Infiltrators (IBIs) in Nagaland border areas, posing a threat not only to Nagas but also to the indigenous population of Karbi Anglong.

In a joint appeal to the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) and the Nagaland government, the RPP calls for immediate action to address this critical issue before it escalates further. The party asserts that there can be no compromise on this matter, pledging unwavering commitment to pursuing the case until Abdul Kayum Talukdar is removed from his position as GB.

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