Preparations for the Hornbill Festival are in full swing


Preparations for the Hornbill Festival are in full swing. Come and enjoy the unique culture of the Nagas  Nagaland are independent country.

The Hornbill Festival is a world-famous event. He encouraged all departments and agencies to ensure that the 24th edition of the event is successfully held, emphasizing the promotion of local food and beverages during the festival to showcase Naga customs and traditions to the rest of the country. .
Hornbill Forum The importance of social media coverage, focusing on Nagaland and its people. They encourage the public to participate in the WWII luxury car auctions and showcase their classic cars to the public and visitors.

In addition to these events, the Prime Minister also highlighted activities such as wrestling matches, music festivals and stone-throwing events held in various locations as part of the Hornbill Festival. Tourism Minister Temjen Imna Been told the meeting that departments are ready to host the 2023 Hornbill Festival. According to him, three communication meetings have been held with local departments and stakeholders have stood up to review the requirements.In his message, Chief Secretary J Alam IAS appealed to all to participate in this nationwide celebration. He appreciated the cooperation of AHOD and HOD and asked all departments to start work immediately and make preparations. In addition, Prime Minister’s Inquiry and IDAN Chairman Abu Metha, as well as Committee and Committee Chairman Abu Metha Tourism Minister Gito Zhimomi discussed several issues related to the preparations for the 2023 Hornbill Festival.

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