Change in the NNC top leadership and NFG

Change in the NNC top leadership and NFG

The new NNC president is TS Keyho.

DIMAPUR (MExN) Unanimously deciding to end their support for Retd Gen Thinoselie M Keyho’s presidency of the NNC, the Tatar Hoho and the executive council of the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) surprised everyone.

At a combined executive meeting held on September 23 in Khulazu Basa village, the FGN Tatar Hoho and executive elected vice president TS Keyho to take over as president.

In a press release announcing the decision, FGN Speaker Künüchosa Rhakho claimed that Retd Gen Thinoselie had been “dictatorily encroaching the executive power of the Kedaghe” and on August 23 had forcibly demanded the resignation of Vekronü Dozo, Kedahge, FGN, in violation of Yezahbo Article 23(a), without the approval or advice of the Tatar Hoho.

The FGN argued that the NNC is a political organization and that the president has no right to elect or remove the Kedahge because the Tatar Hoho elects this official and no one has ever been given the power to do so without their approval. Tsorisa Nusory was also unanimously chosen by the house to serve as NNC’s vice president.

Retired General TM Rhakho chose FGN Kedahge

In the meantime, according to another FGN press statement, the Tatar Hoho approved Vekronü Dozo’s desire to resign as Kedahge due to health reasons at its meeting on September 23 and chose Retd Gen TM Rhakho to fill the position.

As a result, the press release said, the incumbent, Retd Gen TM Rhakho, Kedahge, FGN, shall serve as the name and seal of the government and administration.

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